Way of working


In our studio, we try to create an atmosphere that allows the customer free to convey their liking. The first step is to fill customer knowledge developed by our polls. The survey allows the Investor concretion dreams on your own home: suggests to consider the size of each room, the way the interrelationship between them, and finally, richer or poorer utility program of house.

In the absence of decisiveness or customer experience, we propose to fill out the questionnaire. Often it is helpful to address the provision of investments made by us, after seeing the payer may for specific examples indicate their preferences.

After completing the survey most often occurs conversation that allows us to determine the purely esthetic pleasure Customer: form outside of the object (preferences for shape based on straight lines or liquid), the shape and slope of the roof, the most appropriate way to finish.

The next step is to adjust the cooperation we have collected messages to the conditions imposed by the Authority and the opportunities offered by the area (visit the plot is preceded by design). As a result of the above analysis, created the first concept presented to the Client.

Next conversation with a client can determine how accurately guessed tastes and expectations of the investor. Discussion of the specific plan allows us to more accurately and in further detail next refine the concept. Sometimes, it is the ultimate. Otherwise we meet and talk with the client as long as he feels that our proposal exactly match the fantasies of your own home. This method passes the test at any stage of the design.

Quite often it happens that the customer comes from a very remote village decides to cooperate with our office. Forms of contact can rely on the first or two or three personal meetings (in our or the Investor) and then communicating via fax, traditional mail or online.

For the design of objects other than single-family houses, the procedure is analogous, but the design process is enriched by additional preliminary (eg gathering materials in the field of technology - in industrial buildings), additional steps or final (eg arrangements with the relevant bodies at public buildings).

Deadline for delivery of the enclosed documentation is determined by the point at which the client considers the concept referred to it as final.

At the time of accession to the development of a help in choosing the best materials and our contractors, and at the request of the Customer undertake supervision of investor.

Contact with the investor does not have to end at the time of putting the finished project. At the request of the customer, we suggest a conceptual solution design, or space outside the facility: gardens, functionally distinct zones with industrial buildings and public utilities.